Bert Feustel

The First European Master Trainer

Bert Feustel, M.A., NLP-Master-Trainer (INLPTA), President of mindSYSTEMS! the Institute for NLP and strategic Communications. He is an NLP and Business Trainer in Munich Germany. Bert Feustel is a business consultant and full-time NLP trainer, manager-consultant and business coach.

ImageHe is also an expert in computer science and artificial and natural intelligence. His background is in organizational psychology, philosophy of science and logic. He specializes in custom-made seminars on NLP, creativity, communication and negotiation. He is known for his thoroughness and his ability of explain complex systemic models so that they are easy to comprehend. His interests in INLPTA are primarily quality control and the constant improvement and standardization of NLP education. His vision is to make NLP a widely recognized and applied discipline in education, business and therapy. He is one of the founders and a former Chairman of The German Association for NLP (GANLP), which formed the foundation for what is now the largest NLP organization in the world. The DVNLP (Deutscher Verband für NLP) now has about 1600 members and 800 NLP trainers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Contact him at bert.feustel(at)